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Supply Chain Development & Management

When it comes to sourcing complex parts and subassemblies, DTS uses a proven sourcing process that includes the following steps:

  • Identify a number of suppliers that meet the customer specifications
  • Quote suppliers to filter out those that do not meet cost objectives
  • Audit remaining suppliers to filter out those that do not have the required facilities and management controls in place
  • OEM customer to review the remaining 2-3 suppliers and eliminate any that do not meet their criteria
  • Obtain samples from remaining supplier(s) for evaluation by DTS and OEM customer and make final selection

Adhering to customer specifications and approved supplier lists, DTS qualifies and manages its supply base through the use of ISO 9001 registered supplier audit and performance management processes.

Western OEM companies continue to leverage DTS’ extensive supply base as a “one stop shop” to source a variety of parts and materials required to manufacture their products. No longer is there a need for the OEM customer to qualify and manage multiple parts suppliers from around the world, just leave global supply chain management to DTS!

Here is a partial listing of the commodities that DTS has demonstrated its expertise in:

• Metals – castings, extrusions, pressings
• Plastics – moldings, extrusions
• Raw Printed Circuit Boards
• Electronic components
• Machined, turned parts
• Optical lenses, glass
• Motors
• Connectors, Cables
• LED Lights