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Why China

Work Force:
Largest in the world. Exceeds U.S., India, Japan and Mexico combined.

The “World’s Factory”:
Over 3,000,000 factories with dominance in steel, textiles, and electronics to name a few.

China has 32 international airports and 21 shipping ports

1,553 universities offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in every discipline with an emphasis on engineering.

Predicted to surpass the U.S. economy by 2035 if notsooner and doubling it by 2050.

GDP expected continued growth into double digits.

International companies in China:
Over 280,000 (480 of the top 500)

1.3 Billion people/consumers.  China’s major cities will add 350 million people by 2030.

English Language:
China’s primary and secondary education system is teaching students to speak, listen to and read English as a second language.

Don’t ask “IF CHINA?” Ask “WHEN CHINA?”